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Social Clicks is a booming high monetization social ads network that has evolved with the fast pace of social media content to become one of the largest pay per click advertising networks for social media publishers today.

Being a platform that provides umbrella solutions for advertisers, publishers and writers wanting phenomenal growth by way of revenue, Social clicks is the right place for you.
As a company firmly entrenched in a vision of exploding revenue from awesome social media content, we can guarantee you phenomenal growth through our exceptional content products spread across the internet with a high visibility rate from an exceptional and increasing social media fan base.

We know the level of hard work you are doing, and we understand you.


Social is now home to a well kit family of publishers enjoying high readership and revenue rates across the world. Social clicks provide a fantastic platform tripling your revenue with your growing fanbase.

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High revenue growth rate

Because we are strengthened by a number of websites that enjoy a large readership base around the world, your revenue never stops increasing minute by minute.

Fatest Payment Processing

Quick and Reliable. Fastest payments processed every Wednesday (We do not hold your payments not even for a single day. Week ends on Tuesday night and payments being made on Thursday). Payment methods are PayPal, Bank Transfer and Xpress Money.

On-Demand Payments

We pay when you want us to. Your revenue is yours. Just tell us when and how and we get your payments across to you without hassles.

High Engaging Family Safe Content

Each out of our articles' reach is awesome on social-media websites and every article suits to any age group.

Excellent Customer support

We are here 24x7 to help you in operating

Social ads network.

Social-Clicks is the fastest growing and highest paying Pay-Per-Click ad-network for Social Media Publishers. Grow your fan base and triple your earnings.

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Why to choose us?

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The essence of earning on social media is simply traffic with high conversion rates. We don’t just enjoy traffic in thousands, we enjoy it in millions and each one a potential click that coverts to a sizable chunk of revenue. Our products are driven by a variety of compelling content with high earning potential.

If you want to promote your brand content and be part of a worldwide network that enjoys the highest level of quality and can assure you of brand recognition through family centric content then join social clicks now.


How much an article can make? Well, it depends on you.

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Join Social Clicks as a writer for our high authority websites and blogs and earn like you never have before. It helps you grow in status as well. We are now a family of awesome and highly creative writers who churn out crisp, well formulated content both entertaining and informative. If you think you have it in you and want to be a part of us this family and earn big bucks, then contact us today.

  • Earn through a combination of fixed price per post and Revenue sharing
  • Amazing bonus schemes to double your revenue every week
  • Fast processing of payment
  • Triple your earnings with our easy competions that can win you cash from $1100 to $2100
  • Get your content read by a higher worldwide fan base growing your reputation as a writer
  • Instant weekly payments that will never keep you waiting
  • Payments through all secured channels such as Bank Tranters and Paypal

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to assist you.

We know you have hundreds of questions in your mind. Find if this section gives you the answer, otherwise hit us an email @

You will be paid on weekly basis, all the money you earned from Wednesday to Tuesday will be paid on Wednesday. Note : We do not hold your money, even for a single day.
We pay using Paypal, Xpress Money(For Pakistan publishers) and Bank transfer (For Indian Publishers).
Yes, you are being paid for 100% clicks from different countires. We are paying the best rates in the industry.

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7,500+ publishers and Tons of advertisers from around the globe use Social-Clicks.

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